The base in Monterrey runs two DTS schools each year:

MARCH 25th to AUGUST 10th**






The payment system for the Discipleship Training School is divided into two sections:

1.  The theory phase:

  • Mexico, Central and South American students - US$1,200
  • USA, Canada and European students - US$1,800

2.  The practical phase:

The cost of the outreach depends on where we travel to.  In general our outreaches are outside of Mexico, which means the cost can be approximately US$2,000 and upwards.  This cost may be higher, depending on travel costs to the outreach destination.

  • The DTS which starts on the 25th of September 2017 will be focused on COMPASSION AND MERCY, and the outreach phase will be in EUROPE AND NORTHERN AFRICA, working with REFUGEES.  For this reason the outreach costs will be between US$2500 and US$3000.
  • We will also have a second outreach option, to a country within Latin America, which will have a lower cost.