Foundation for Counselling Ministry

The School of Foundations for Counselling Ministry is arriving... in March 2017 we will be starting the school in Monterrey. This school will help you to recognise your own wounds and receive inner healing from God, our best Healer. From there you will go out, better equipped to serve others - whether it is in a missions context, in your church, in a youth group, or anywhere else. Go for it - it's 24 weeks (12 of classes and seminars; 12 of outreach already bringing God's hope, freedom and healing to the nations). You will find the application form here...


FCM / University Of THE Nations

This is a second level school within the structure of the University of the Nations (the DTS is a requirement) and each week of classes and outreach will give you credits within the academic system. Any questions, doubts or queries, you can get in touch with us: or or