Foundations for Counseling Ministry

Foundations for Counseling Ministry has arrived to Mexico ... in March of 2017 we had the first school in Monterrey, and we have been growing, with our goal now of having two schools per year: March and September.

This school will help you recognize your own wounds and the things that have been preventing you from growing in your own life. It will also help you to receive inner healing from God, our best Healer, supporting you to walk in freedom while you develop the identity that God designed you were from the beginning.

The school will give you some basic counseling tools to help you in your future ministry. From there you will be better able to help others - whether in a missionary context, in your local church, in a group of young people or anywhere else.

It consists of 22 weeks - (12 of classes and seminars, and 10 of the outreach part, where you will bring hope, freedom and healing of God to the nations).

We receive healing from God, and then take it to the nations!

Coming Dates:

  • 25th March 2019

  • 25th September 2019


  • Theory Phase: $1,500 dlls

  • Outreach: $500 - $2,500
    (The amount might change depending on the place)

* FCM is a second level school within the structure of the University of the Nations.
Each week of classes and Outreach gives you credits within the academic system.
* DTS - Discipleship Training School is a requirement.

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